Aetheists have no faith, no hope, and, as Steve Martin so eloquently says, "nada".

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Why I Believe in God

Although I am no expert on the Theory of Evolution (emphasis on the word theory), I've read a fair bit of literature related to it. This theory, often presented as fact, claims that all forms of life, including mankind, evolved from simple, non-living chemicals to become complex living beings. NO solid, factual evidence exists to support this theory. Furthermore, it flies in the face of common sense to think that, somehow, simple unorganized things can, on their own, turn into complex, structured entities. Abundant examples exist showing that, in fact, the opposite occurs.

Every year, homeowners in North America spend a great deal of time and money trying to get their lawns into shape. Lawns are fertilized and carefully mowed. Trees are pruned and hedges are shaped. Weeds are eliminated, manually or through the use of chemicals. Water is applied in appropriate quantities. These processes are repeated frequently throughout the summer. Hopefully, the result is a well manicured, eye pleasing front or back yard.

What happens when the lawns are left to fend for themselves? Do they somehow, on their own, become the yards that are featured in Home and Garden? Does the 'do it yourself' lawn become the pride of the neighborhood? Of course not. In a fairly short time, the neglect starts to show. Weeds start to sprout and take over, sometimes killing the lawn grass. Without sufficient water, brown becomes the predominant color. Trees sprout and start to intrude on the grass. Over time, the yard reverts to its natural, wild and unkempt state. What makes the difference between the well manicured, structured lawn and the wild, unkempt lawn? In one case, an intelligent 'designer' intervenes.

What happens if you start with something that is disorganized - for example, a junk yard. Do the various old auto parts, scrap metal, half empty paint containers and pieces of rubber and plastic somehow organize and change themselves into a shiny, brand new Honda Accord? Of course not - a new Accord is the result of intelligent design.

On a much grander scale, the Big Bang theory (and others like it), claim that our universe started from nothing and came into being as the result of an 'explosion' and somehow, organized itself into planets, stars, galaxies and so on. This again, seems counter intuitive for many reasons. What caused the explosion? Why is the universe organized and not just a chaotic mess? Who created the laws that ensure the behavior and organization of the universe? What existed before the explosion? And so on.

Surely, something caused the universe to come into being, whether through explosion or otherwise. Something existed before the universe began. Something was responsible for the rules that control day and night (rotation of the earth) and the four seasons (earth's tilt and revolution around the sun). Only an omnipotent and eternal being has the required abilities. And that being is God. God not only has the power to bring the universe and all it contains into being, God is eternal and thus was there before the universe began.

In summary, the universe and all that is in it did not just 'happen'. Only a supreme being, God, has the characteristics and abilities to bring the universe into existence. Neither did intelligent, structured, complex human beings 'evolve' on their own. We are the result of intervention by an intelligent designer, God.

May God bless you,
Jake Miller

PS For further reading, I suggest Lee Strobel's book, "The Case for a Creator". Through interviews with experts and examination of evidence, Lee builds a very strong case for God's existence. Highly recommended.